Different options for funding a book project

In the end, my book was self-funded, but I did look into a few options.


This is a very popular way for people to fund projects like books, products, lots of different things. However, it works best if you already have a big audience and have all the details worked out (of which I had neither). Also, I knew nothing about shipping books and would have to in order to fulfill kickstarter rewards. Plus, if you don’t meet your kickstarter goal, you don’t get anything! You have to actually follow through on everything in order to get the money.

There are a couple alternatives to kickstarter that have slightly different requirements. But they all relay on you being able to drum up a bunch of interest and get people to invest in your project.

However, even though kickstarter type funding didn’t seem like a good match for me, it works great for other people. Definitely look into it if you are doing a project. There are lots of good resources out there to help people build a successful kickstarter campaign.


Another online funding program that was suggested was Go-Fund-Me. It is an online donation based service which makes it easy for people to donate money to causes, projects, or other things. There doesn’t seem to be any guarantee that the person you are funding actually does what they say they will do, so it is recommended for people to only fund people they actually know.

This would have been an option, but just didn’t quite seem right to ask people for ‘free’ money without actually sending them anything. I wanted people to ‘fund’ me by buying the books.


The third option that I found was grants. I actually found Canadian grants that funded art projects and writing projects. My book may have fit the requirements, but not quite. I wasn’t really sure if I could get it, so I didn’t bother applying. However, probably I should have because they sometimes give money to people even though they don’t quite fit the requirements.

The grant I looked at was a Canada Council for the Arts grant.  It suites many different projects, so check it out if you are doing something creative.

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