The Idea

The idea to make a book

The idea came shortly after I finished the Gryphon Challenge. I was watching a video by Jake Parker on making books. He was promoting his “Drawings III” book which was a collection of drawings from the last year. He had some great reasons behind the project and it got me thinking. I could make a book with the art I did for the Gryphon Challenge. It is a unique collection, done over a certain span of time and most of it more finished than my work usually gets. I also wanted to share the story of how it came about, InkTober, meeting my goals, pushing through, perseverance, all those things that I had just about lost hope in, that I didn’t really know I could still do.

So I started looking into book printing.

Who will buy it?

One of my first questions was how much it would cost, but along with that initial thought was the question of why people would buy the book. This was an art book, by an unknown artist, full of mythical creatures. Not much to go on regarding local audience. They were ink drawings, so I figured it could tap into the adult coloring book market, at least somewhat, but it was also an art book and a story about not giving up.

Identifying my audience was an important step in my book-publishing journey. Even though there weren’t many people who were likely to buy my book, there were some. People do buy books full of art, so it seemed worth pursuing.

Getting some helpful advice

I actually contacted a number of people for their thoughts on the book project. It was encouraging to hear back from a local book store that said they would host a book launch and gave me information on having my book in their store. Another very helpful contact was a local artist who had recently self-published a book containing diary entries and art. Her response reminded me that there was no rush to get the book done and it was okay if it took months if not years. I didn’t want to take years to finish my book, but it did relive some of the pressure of feeling like I needed to get it all figured out and printed right away. I also showed my art to a local comic book artist who encouraged me and told me about an event at the end of the summer that would be a great place to sell my book if I got it done.

All the while I was pricing out options and trying to make decisions. The encouragement gave me the drive to push through and make those decisions, make choices, move forward. It was so easy to get stuck!

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