Making a Book

Making a book, or self-publishing, is not easy.  Especially if you have no idea what you are doing.  Going from pages of art in a sketchbook to an actual printed book was a huge project and I would like to share my experience with you.  This writeup is still a bit of a rough draft, but here it is anyhow.  Follow the links below to read about each part.

The Idea

  • Wanting to share, put together a book
  • What would the audience be?
  • Contacting various people for info and resources

Printing Options

  • Cost estimation, catch 22
  • Unable to compare printing companies due to different sizes
  • Looking at local printers
  • Print Ninja quotes helped solidify costs

Offset vs Short Run Printing

  • The decision to go with short run and why (unsure of sales)
  • My realization about the two
  • Contacting local printers


  • What it is
  • What it means


  • Kickstarter and problems
  • Suggestion of Go-Fund-Me
  • Grants

Making decisions

  • Book layout, size, how many pages
  • The to-scale layout and how useful it was
  • Front and back matter
  • Text on pages, decisions
  • Fonts, numbers, details

Putting it together

  • Meeting with the Printer
  • Scanning and cleaning
  • Page templates
  • Placing drawings
  • Adding text to pages
  • Making a cover
  • Writing up pages in Word (how to export a strange size)
  • Making one big pdf and subbing in pages

Final steps

  • Proof reading
  • More cover prep and problems
  • Printed proof and scan resolution