The Book

100 Gryphons is a self published book by Sarah Foote containing the art, story and background surrounding the Gryphon Challenge.  The gryphons were drawn over the course of 100 days in Fall 2015 and into 2016.  Work on the book began in the winter of 2016 and 100 copies where finally printed in July 2016.  This is the first book Sarah has ever made.

From the back cover:

An art book, a colouring book, a story of perseverance.

The challenge: draw and ink at least one gryphon per day for 100 days and share them on social media.

Join Sarah on a journey through 100 gryphon drawings. Explore and color the ink drawings. Search for trends, changes and improvement through the course of 100 days of inking. This book contains all 100 gryphons drawn for the challenge along with notes, development sketches, and the story of how it all happened. Let this book inspire you to take on challenges, persevere and achieve your goals.



The books are 100 pages, black and white and 8.5″ square.  They cost $30 each (to cover the printing cost of $20 per book).  Sarah is hoping to sell enough books to break even.

If you wish to purchase a book (or a few!) please contact Sarah through her Facebook page.  There are also a couple copies of the book at the Box of Delights bookshop in Wolfville.  You can also meet Sarah at art and craft shows such as DCAF.