What is self-publishing?

Okay, so I never really understood what self-publishing meant before I made this book. I’m not even sure what I thought it meant, but it seemed a bit like entrepreneurship, a big word that everyone talked about but seemed undefined and out of reach. When I started working on my book, I didn’t realize I was embarking on a self-publishing journey.

Self-publishing is making a book

Self-publishing is making a book yourself. You don’t need an official publishing ‘company’ or registration, or anything like that (from my understanding). It basically means that you put it together, funded it and made it happen. Even if you run off a little stapled booklet you put together, technically you self-published it and the copyright is yours.

Traditional publishing

The other option is traditional publishing. Where you send your manuscript to a publishing company and they decide if they can sell it. Then they do a lot of the work of putting it together, have an editor work on it, fund, print and sell it. I did look at this briefly but the review times were long and I really wanted to do it myself.

Don’t be afraid of ‘self-publishing’ it is just a term for doing it yourself, in whatever capacity you happen to do it. There are lots of helpful articles if you use it as a search term.

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